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Go-No Go Gauge for Checking Depth Settings

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Go/No Go Depth Check Tool - Simply fit the tool under the basket or paddle. The 'Go' end should move underneath. The 'No Go' end should not. A simple and quick confirmation that the height is correctly set for each dissolution test.

Quickly check that your paddles and baskets are set to the correct height!

It is essential to accurately set the height of the paddles and baskets above the bottom of the vessel. The USP states 25mm ±2mm as an acceptable limit and this needs to be checked for every test.

This QLA Go/No Go gauge is a simple tool consisting of shaped composite material, with one end 23mm deep (25mm-2mm) and the other end 27mm (25mm+2mm). Simply place the tool with the flat side upwards under the paddle or basket. The 23mm end (Go) should move freely underneath and the 27mm end (No Go) should not.

If the 27mm end does move underneath then the basket or paddles are set too high. If the 23mm end does not move underneath then the baskets or paddles are set too high.

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