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Caliper/Zymark Baskets

All our Caliper/Zymark tablet dissolution baskets are designed to be fully USP compliant and are supplied complete with serialisation and certification where appropriate.

We use a unique fabrication process where each mesh cross-over is micro welded individually resulting in the strongest wire mesh available, and the longest lifetime of any dissoluton basket.

Buy with confidence: We guarantee all our tablet dissolution baskets to be equivalent to those from your original manufacturer!

All QLA Products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

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  1. Basket Tool for Holding Baskets Without Touching Them

    Basket Tool for Holding Baskets Without Touching Them with basket
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    BSKTOOL Each

    Basket Tool for picking up and moving Dissolution Baskets without touching the mesh or rim. Can be used with any standard size basket without damage. Makes it easy to fit basket onto shaft.

    VideoDissolution Basket Rack

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