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USP 6 Rotating Cylinder Without Extension for Transdermal Testing - Hanson Vision Series

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74-105-240 Each

USP 6 rotating cylinder without extension for transdermal testing. Compatible with Hanson Vision Series

OEM Part# 74-105-240

Spin-Shaft Gripping Tool


This QLA USP 6 rotating cylinder without extension for transdermal testing is compatible with the Hanson Vision Series Testers and conforms exactly to the USP specification.

Transdermal or patch testing is carried out using USP method 5 (paddle over disc) or USP method 6 (the rotating cylinder).



The rotating cylinder is very similar to USP method 1 (the rotating basket). With USP method 6 however, the basket assembly is replaced by a solid stainless steel cylinder.

The cylinder consists of two parts that fit together: the main shaft/cylinder assembly plus an extension. The extension is used when the transdermal patch requires a larger area.

Unlike dissolution testing, transdermal testing is carried out at 32°C to reflect the lower temperature of the skin. Other variables such as the height setting and sampling requirements are the same as dissolution testing.

Pack Size Each
Transdermal USP6 Cylinder

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