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Wobble Meter (inc. vessel cover and brackets) for Most Open Top Baths

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Measure basket and paddle shaft wobble quickly and easily

  • Quickly and easily mounts in all vessel positions
  • Flat nosed, plastic indicator tip that won't damage shafts
  • Includes NIST Traceable calibration certificate
  • Simple low cost design
  • Large, easy to read dial indicator


Easy to use

The QLA wobble meter is very simple to use. It uses a special vessel cover that fits inside the top of the vessel. This provides a static anchor point for the meter. (External devices offered by other companies tend to be hard to keep in position).

The wobble meter is firmly attached to this cover. The gauge is placed against the shaft or basket and the shaft is then rotated at a slow speed. Deviation from the vertical is displayed on the easy-to-read dial. The test is repeated in each vessel position.

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