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Dissolution Validation Toolkit - Meets USP Requirements

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Validation Toolkit (centering gauge, depth set gauge, level, wobble meter, accessories)

Your complete kit for accurate dissolution.

Our standard validation toolkit contains:

  • Depth setting gauge
  • Universal spirit level
  • Vessel centering gauge
  • Wobble meter
  • Bubble level


The New VALTOL-KT2 Validation Tool Kit consists of (1ea) Centering Gauge, Dial Indicator, Wobble Bracket Assy, Indicator shafts, Go/ No Go Gauge, Bubble Level, VanKel & Hanson Shaft adapters, 80mm Spacers, and Shaft Collar. All certificates of calibration are included. Everything needed to validate numerous dissolution test machines. (Hanson SR8 Only, Distek, Varian/Vankel).(This Calibration kit will not work on Hanson-Vision Series machines)

We recommend that you regularly check the physical parameters of your dissolution tester. Things can – and do – go out of alignment between validation intervals. Sometimes a simple visual inspection is enough but with these simple tools, it only takes a few minutes to ensure that your tester is operating to the best standards.

Custom toolkits:

Our standard toolkit represents the most popular combination of dissolution validation tools. All the QLA validation tools are available either individually, or in any combination as a kit, complete with certification. Please contact us if you're interested in a custom toolkit.

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