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Digital Depth Gauge Assembly for USP and ASTM Height Measurement

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Digital Depth Gauge Assembly. Accurately measures paddle or basket height in the vessel.

Works with all Distek baths, Hanson (Vision requires adapter) and Vankel except V-series. Contact us if you have a different bath.

Determine basket and paddle height with greater ease and accuracy

The new Digital Depth Gauge Assembly has been developed to offer greater accuracy and a digital read-out when calculating basket and paddle spacing from the bottom of the dissolution vessel. It is the only depth gauge to provide an actual measurement of the height of the basket or paddles

The digital electronic readings measure from the bottom of the paddle or basket to the bottom of the dissolution vessel via a probe specifically designed to fit the contour of the vessel. This allows paddle or basket placement to be determined within 0.01mm.

The USP and ASTM requirements for paddle and basket height are 25mm ±2mm

The DDAPT digital depth gauge is made to fit most popular dissolution machines including the Hanson Classic 6, Elite 8 & Vision K, and all Varian/VanKel (except V series) and Distek Dissolution Machines using apparatus 1 & 2 systems, meaning consistent and precise accuracy can be recorded in all dissolution vessels within your laboratory.

The DDAPT Digital Depth Gauge System comes complete with carrying case, Digital Depth Gauge and two digital depth adapter arms (Used for different dissolution bath manufacturers).



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