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Suitable for Distek 2100 and 2500 series Testers. Not suitable for units with temperature sensors in shafts..

Mini Paddle Kit
MINPSHAFT Small Volume serialised Stainless Steel Paddle Shaft (7”) or MINPSHAFT-NPD Small Volume Teflon coated Paddle Shaft (7”)
NDT10-HR  10" Stainless steel upper shaft; serialized
SMVASSY-DK Small Volume Adapter Assembly; Includes Cover SMVCVR-UN
GLA100-DK 100mL Clear Glass Vessel or GLA200-DK  200mL Clear Glass Vessel

Mini Basket Kit
MINBSK-40 Small Volume 40 mesh Mini Basket; serialized
MINBSHAFT  Small volume basket shaft
NDT10-HR  10" Stainless steel upper shaft; serialized
SMVASSY-DK  Small Volume Adapter Assembly; Includes Cover SMVCVR-UN
GLA100-DK 100mL Clear Glass Vessel or GLA200-DK 200mL Clear Glass Vessel

All genuine QLA Products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

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  1. Small Volume Upper Shaft, 10 inches

    Small Volume Upper Shaft, 10 inches, Hanson Dissolution Testers, OEM# 74-105-050
    Part Number Pack Size Enquire
    NDT10-HR Each

    Spin On/Off Shaft, 10 inchesSmall Volume Upper Shaft

    OEM Part# 74-105-050

    Spin-Shaft Gripping Tool

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