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Suitable for VanKel 7000 and 7010 Dissolution Testers. Not suitable for V-Series testers.

Mini Paddle Kit
MINPSHAFT Small Volume serialised Stainless Steel Paddle Shaft (7”) or MINPSHAFT-NPD Small Volume Teflon coated Paddle Shaft (7”)
NDT10-HR  10" Stainless steel upper shaft serialised
SMVASSY-VK Small Volume Adapter Assembly, Includes Cover SMVCVR-UN
GLA100-VK 100mL Clear Glass Vessel or GLA200-VK 200mL Clear Glass Vessel

Mini Basket Kit
MINBSK-40 Small Volume 40 mesh Mini Basket; serialized
MINBSHAFT  Small volume basket shaft
NDT10-HR  10" Stainless steel upper shaft; serialized
SMVASSY-VK Small Volume Adapter Assembly, Includes Cover SMVCVR-UN
GLA100-VK 100mL Clear Glass Vessel or GLA200-VK 200mL Clear Glass Vessel

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  1. Small Vessel Adaptor Assembly - VanKel

    Small Vessel Adaptor, VanKel
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    Small Vessel Adaptor - VanKel. Use with 100ml or 200ml vessels. Includes Vessel Cover SMVCVR-UN

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