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Caleva Filters

Caleva tablet dissolution baths normally use cannula style filters with a large range of porosities.

We supply QLA Pure Quality logo TM Certified Dissolution Filters. Only genuine certified QLA filters have the QLA Hologram label.

Guaranteed not to contain heavy metals or contaminants - Our certification program guarantees our filters meet the USP requirements for heavy metal content and will not interfere with your analysis. Read More...



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  1. 4µm Poroplast Cannula Dissolution Filters Caleva Compatible.

    4µm Poroplast Cannula Dissolution Filters Caleva Compatible
    Part Number Pack Size Enquire
    FIL004-CA-1000 1000 Case
    FIL004-CA-100 100 Pack

    4µm Cannula Filters Poroplast.  Pure Qualitytm Certified Filters

    OEM Part# 90-000-0023

    Pure Quality

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