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10µm UHMW Polyethylene External Probe End Filters Distek Compatible

Part Number Pack Size Enquire
FIL10S-DK-1000 1000 Case
FIL10S-DK-100 100 Pack

10µm External Probe End Filters UHMW Polyethylene

Sample ProbesSample ProbesPure Quality

Distek compatible 10µm UHMW polyethylene external probe end filters with a 1/16” (1.6mm) inside diameter.

Distek tablet dissolution baths utilise a narrow sample probe that incorporates a small filter disc at the top. As these small filters can become blocked, an external filter such as this can be used at the end of the sample probe instead of, or in addition to the filter disc.

All filters are U.S Pharmacopeia compliant and meet machine manufacturer specifications.

Pack Size 1
Filter Style Cannula Filters
Dissolution Porosity 10µm

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