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Felodipine Test Suspended Basket Apparatus

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Felodipine Test Suspended Basket apparatus for use with most dissolution testers. 8 Mesh, USP Standard with 10mm ID

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USP 26 compliant suspended basket apparatus for felodipine analysis.

  • Made from a precision welded steel mesh - it is fixed securely to the shaft and will not bend or break off.
  • The stationary basket method offers a potential solution to problems associated with floating, sticking and swelling dosage forms.
  • Our Felodipine stationary baskets can safely be used for extended periods in strong acid without rusting or degradation. There is no overlapping seam on the joining points of the wire mesh, the seams are Micro-Welded so the edges of the wires are fused together at the point where the mesh meets. This creates a very clean and solid connection, and increases the lifetime of the basket.
  • The basket features a small flap to prevent the tablet escaping during testing.


USP 26 requires the use of a basket suspended a precise distance from the paddle shaft, which in turn requires the use of a modified vessel cover. Please see Distek vessel covers, Hanson Research vessel covers and VanKel (Varian) vessel covers for details. For any other baths, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Pack Size Each
Basket Type Stationary/Felodipine
Material Stainless Steel

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